Crossfit Terminology

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Crossfit Terminology

Before I start listing the different terms, and what they stand for I have to give a huge thanks to Cindy.  Cindy was the lady who in my last blog post stopped from leaving the “box.”  Her, and her husband Eric both workout at the box.  They’ve been there for almost 7 years, and love every minute of it.  She said that he’s always been in shape from running his Carpet Cleaning business. However, she gained a lot of weight after the second kid.  While Eric was out doing jobs she would be home doing secretarial duties from billing to keeping their website up to date. Clearly she was really out of shape, but Eric wouldn’t let her leave the box without giving it a shot.

She decided to return the favor, and step right in front of me as I bolted for the door.  Thank you Cindy for convincing me to stick with it.  I’ve already gained so much confidence.  I actually finished a workout for once!  My son Blake is hitting the box too.  We head to the box (thanks Dallas!) to workout about three times a week.  I’m so sore at the end of the workout that I won’t even look at a donut!

The Terms

  • AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible.  Basically a fancy way of saying you’re going to suffer for the next 7-15 minutes!
  • For Time – This is a workout done as quickly as possible.  You record your time afterwards.  Much different than a AMRAP, because in a for time workout you can go all out.
  • DU – Double Unders!  This is where the jump rope passes underneath you twice before your feet hit the ground.  Is that a joke?
  • Steriods – These are what everyone thinks Crossfitters take, but in reality just eat real food.
  • Jerk – I still laugh when I hear this, but its just thrusting the weight over your head.
  • Clean – Bringing the weight from the ground to the shoulders, and then standing up.  Probably the coolest move in Crossfit!
  • Paleo – Paleo is a way of dieting that people use to get ripped up.  The side effect is that people accuse you of using steroids.
  • Chipper – This is the most brutal workout known to man.  You do 70 of something, 60 of the next exercise, 50 of this, 40 DUs (that I can’t do), 30 of some other stuff, 20 reps like your about to die, and finish with 10 ridiculously hard exercises.
  • Rhambo – Some crazy disease that you get when you workout too hard.  Odds of me contracting this… Slim to none!
  • Snatch – Not what you think.  Probably easier to get the real thing than the lift.  You literally take a wide grip on the bar, and with one motion get it over your head. (that sounded dirty!)
  • Death By Rower – Laying on the ground in a puddle of your own sweat for 10 minutes before you come back to reality after getting your shit tossed by a machine.
  • Unbroken – When you have 21 reps to do, and then you do the 21 without stopping.  A great synonym is Beastmode.
  • Globogym – This is where people go to do bicep curls in the squat rack for $30 a month.  This term is the most important, because its often the pun of many Crossfit jokes!
  • Tequila – The only alcohol that is “Paleo” and therefore readily consumed after workouts.

My Kind of People

swearingI’m loving Crossfit!  These guys are my kind of people!

You can swear up a storm at the box without getting looks; you’re actually more likely to get a high five for your vulgar language.  Normally I’d be yelling at Ken & Blake for dropping the F-Bomb, but not at Crossfit!  At the box swearing is the norm. My boys still think its hilarious when I yell out “Shit!” after doing a box jump.  Norcal Crossfit Rocks!