Crossfit Norcal Community


The Norcal Crossfit Community

My family has suffered a lot of as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts.  The Crossfit Community has been there for me through the passing of my wife, and the troubles I’ve had with my children.  We view this “gym” as so much more than a gym.  The “box” as Dallas calls it isn’t just 4 walls and a bunch of weights, but rather its a community.  We go crazy over grabbing the latest Crossfit gear, and love every bit of it.

Showing off your Crossfit “swag” as Blake calls it, is the best part of Crossfit.  He’s got Norcal sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, sweat bands, and more.  I’m surprised he isn’t begging me to get a tattoo yet.  I might have to remove that sentence so he doesn’t get any ideas.

Norcal Nights Out

One fun thing that we like to do is have Crossfit Nights Out.  The “Norcal Night Out” happens once a month, and alternates with the women, men, and even the kids.  It’s amazing that our kids are able to connect with other kids who think eating right, lifting weights and being fit is cool.  The women nights are usually spent at someone’s house sipping margarita’s, and talking about what kind of tampons they all prefer to use, according to Ken.  The men’s nights out are much more fun.

In the last guy’s night out we went over to do some Go Cart Racing.  I let everyone know that the first person I see if going right into the wall.  That is exactly what I did!  I put this guy Joe right into the wall, and everyone was laughing so hard you could hear them above the sound of the cars racing around the track.  After having some fun I found myself much slower than everyone else.  I literally waited until some unlucky guy caught up to me so I could give them hell while they tried to pass me.

My New Friends

These guys at the gym are literally some of my favorite people to hang out with.  They not only keep me in check when it comes to eating, but we shoot the shit before and after class.  I’m able to network too as far as business goes.  I’ve grown closer to many people, and it’s been a great community to be part of.