Health Issues & Crossfit

Health Issues & Crossfit

tmj-specialist-danbury-ctCrossfit is known for their brutal workouts, and better known for their high injury rate.  Although I wouldn’t say their injury rate is any higher than your average sport like Basketball or Football.  There are definitely some injuries in Crossfit.  I experienced some shoulder pain, and my boys both got some shin splints from all the box jumps.  One injury that stuck out among the rest was when Ken got TMJ.  Turns out Ken was grinding his teeth a lot during the workouts, and ended up doing it at night too.  I don’t want to attribute his constant jaw pain, clicking in the mouth, and headaches to Crossfit, but I think that might be the case.

Regardless, we had to go to specialist after specialist to get this figured out.  It turns out that TMJ is a degenerative disease that only gets worse with time.  We couldn’t find one decent specialist, until we found the TMJ Headache Treatment Center which was across the country in Connecticut.  After losing my wife, there is nothing that stands between my boys and their health.  We flew out to Connecticut to meet with Dr. Tagliarini to find out what he could do.  Fast forward 6 months, and he’s pain free.  It was a absolute miracle.

We’re so happy that we found Dr. Tagliarini.  He’s got a interesting story, because originally he was a cosmetic dentist.  After seeing how many people would come in to get their teeth fixed, and then come back a couple years later only to have it done again he decided to see what he could do about that.  After spending 2 years away from his family at a residency in Texas he has a permanent solution to TMJ.



Crossfit Injuries

Ken, Blake and I learned a valuable lesson after dealing with the injuries we suffered in Crossfit.  The fact of the matter is that you’re going to get injured no matter what you do.  Things happen, complications happen, and you need to do what you love.  We love Crossfit, and will continue to love Crossfit for a very long time.  I know that Ken’s TMJ isn’t coming back thanks to Dr. Tagliarini, but I also know my wife isn’t coming back.  Making smart decisions about our health even if we get injured is much better than making bad decisions just to suffer the consequences.